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Angela Dufresne

Angela Dufresne is a painter based in Brooklyn and can sometimes be found in Rhode Island or the Catskills. Through painting, drawing, printing making, performative works, she wields heterotopic narratives that are both non hierarchical and unapologetically perverse, conjuring the rage, piss and vinegar and passion of being incontestably an American in 2023. She’s held museum solo exhibitions at the Kemper Museum in Kansas City Making Scene, the Dorsky Museum at SUNY New Paltz Just my Type and a solo project at the UCLA Hammer Museum. and won a guggenheim fellowship in 2016 ....among other things acceptable or otherwise. She currently has a therapist.

Ode to the Vaporized Individual: Long Live the Whorish Porous

Dead ringers shimmer and pulse—incessantly. Bastards love better. One cannot take it all in at once—you’d be a moron to try. You’d be a total fucking moron to pursue autonomy, yet most try, poor things. Thus the “long shot” must be coupled with numerous close-ups, pans and cuts, across bodies, so we are tethered to life, to the screens that make us, or worse, the families on the screens that makes us. jump cuts, pans, money shots, they kill us with us.


The Brooklyn Rail

SEPT 2023

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