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Andrew Holter

Andrew Holter is a contributor to the Brooklyn Rail.

The Sweat of Their Face: Portraying American Workers

Curated by the Portrait Gallery’s Dorothy Moss and David C. Ward, The Sweat of Their Face “aims to re-inscribe the important roles that laborers have had in shaping the United States since the colonial era.”

Looking Backward: A Photographic Portrait of the World at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century

When Pantheon published Michael Lesy’s Wisconsin Death Trip in 1973 (and in sordid paperback, as well as hardcover), critics offered their amused attention and the kind of gatekeeperish admonitions that rock writers dole out to the debut albums of upstart groups.

Rediscovering an American Community of Color: The Photographs of William Bullard, 1897-1917

“Negroes can never have impartial portraits at the hands of white artists,” Frederick Douglass wrote in an editorial for The Liberator nearly 170 years ago.


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