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Alexis Dahan

Alexis Dahan is a French artist and writer, living in New York since 2005. He completed his master’s degree in Literature and Philosophy in Paris and studied Journalism at New York University in 2007. Dahan had his first solo exhibition at Half Gallery in 2012. In 2013, Dahan’s public installation We serve selected texts was invited by the Dia Art Foundation to be placed in front of its headquarters in Chelsea. Since then, Dahan has had eight solo shows in the United States and Europe, including a commission by the Art Production Fund and an intervention with the Fire Department of New York. An alumni of the International Studio and Curatorial Program (I.S.C.P.), Dahan’s last exhibition took place in November 2018 at the Fondation C.A.B. in Brussels, Belgium. He has since decided to take a step back from Contemporary Art. As a writer, Dahan is a regular contributor to Purple Magazine with whom he has conducted and published interviews of artists such as Joseph Kosuth, Jeff Wall, Gabriel Orozco, Lawrence Weiner, Giuseppe Penone, Barbara Kruger and Adrian Villar Rojas.

In Conversation


“I want to create legends and mythology.”

Adrián Villar Rojas: La fin de l’imagination

As one enters La fin de l’imagination, and while the eyes are getting used to the ambient obscurity, one first notices Villar Rojas’s signature move: he has removed all traces of the gallery itself.


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