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Alex Grimley

Alex Grimley is an art historian based in Philadelphia.

Neil Welliver

The selection of works in the Neil Welliver show currently on view at Alexandre Gallery’s Lower East Side location offers a cross-section of the artist’s output in painting and printmaking between 1974 and his death in 2005. Four large landscape paintings (each about eight feet square) anchor the show, with four smaller paintings and seven prints rounding it out.

Kenneth Noland: Stripes/Plaids/

Stripes/Plaids/Shapes demonstrates the tremendous variety of sensory and somatic effects Kenneth Noland could wrest from these economical means. With its spacious hanging, each of the twelve paintings is presented in its specificity, to be taken on its own terms.

Jim Dine: Three Ships

“I lived with them,” Jim Dine says of his ruggedly executed self-portraits in pencil. It’s a statement he returns to, first when detailing the years-long process behind the construction of the three massive bronzes that comprise Three Ships (the Magi) (2022), and again, with regard to the over two dozen painterly self-portraits in oil, bodies of work currently on view at Templon. I happened to catch Dine the afternoon before the opening. With a smile, he advised, “Spend some time with the work.”

Julie DeVries: Survival Moments

Julie DeVries is showing seven oil landscapes and about as many studies in her first New York show, currently on view at Hunter Dunbar. Working both from memory and photographs, her paintings depict lyrical scenes suffused with brilliant color and radiant light.

Jules Olitski: Late Works

Olitski’s was a particularly robust late style. His paintings from the 2000s are both the apotheosis of a lifetime in art and a voyage into new pictorial territory.


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