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Agnes Gund

AGNES GUND is founder and chair of Studio in a School, president emerita of the Museum of Modern Art, and chair of MoMA PS1. A philanthropist and collector of modern and contemporary art, she received the National Medal of the Arts from President Clinton in 1997.

Linda Nochlin

Last spring I had the wonderful experience of spending time in bucolic Bellagio, in Italy, sequestered away from the multitude of distractions of daily life to think about something I had always wanted to study: the plight of the female artist. In the weeks and months spent in preparation for this fellowship, I read and re-read many classic pieces and I kept coming back to Nochlin’s essay “Why are There No Great Women Artists?” which resonated deeply more than four decades after it was written

On Creativity

Creative individuals gravitate toward activity, toward places where change is happening, where ideas are in discussion. They look for spark, not necessarily for solitude. They want to make contributions to the world, not merely express their own ideas. This portrait of creativity leads to very different ideas about where it comes about, how it happens, whether it can be made to happen.


The Brooklyn Rail

SEPT 2023

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