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Amarcord Hal

Through his work, Hal Willner showed us a sometimes hidden, but always-needs-to-be-revealed fact, that we contain multitudes. People of all stripes dig music of all stripes.

Charles Curtis, Alan Licht, and Dean Roberts

Back in the spring of 1999, the three embarked on a European tour, including a session for the Amsterdam radio station VPRO. These recordings are here presented as the LP-length May 99.

Caterina Barbieri and Eli Keszler

Electronic composer Caterina Barbieri and percussionist and composer Eli Keszler brought engrossing sound and visuals to Pioneer Works on March 28, with bright, flashing lights and cavernous sound sculpting full-body experiences.

Kerry O’Brien and William Robin’s
On Minimalism

This is a peculiar book. It is a collection of original source documents from the creation and development of minimalism in music, edited and introduced by musicologists O’Brien and Robin. It is expansive in both time and concept—the first excerpt is by Amiri Baraka, from his article “Miles Davis: One of the Great Mother Fuckers,” which dates from the mid-1980s, and the last is a translation of Éliane Radigue’s 2009 essay “The Mysterious Power of the Infinitesimal.”


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