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Anita Rocha da Silveira’s Medusa

This film is a nightmarish trip—though ultimately empowering—touring the myriad ways in which women keep each other down. Medusa (which opened in New York and LA on July 29th) is the next feminist cult classic following the legacy of films like Promising Young Woman (2020) and The Witch (2015).

In Conversation

Khavn De La Cruz with Joshua Bogatin

Khavn, whose films are abrasive collages of confrontational energy, belongs to a rare category of filmmaker who demands as much attention to the breadth of his output as to the qualities of his individual works.

Gregory Markopoulos’s Eniaios at the Temenos

Theorized by Gregory Markopoulos as an ideal setting for screening his eighty hour film, devoted cinephiles schlep to the mountains of Greece for the aesthetic experience of screening Eniaios at the Temenos.

Andrew Semans’s Resurrection

Semans’s Resurrection (2022) is a genre flick that grapples with the power of trauma as a tool of manipulation and a destroyer of credibility.


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