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Pablo Larraín’s Spencer

A close look at the two women’s lives reveals similar dramatic encounters with the press negotiated on strikingly different terms. Neither identified with the public roles thrust upon them, and each struggled for control in opposing spheres of their lives. A single contract unmoored both of their lives.

Adam McKay’s Don’t Look Up

Don’t Look Up’s negative reviews affirm its on-the-nose critique of our dysfunctional world. But the film’s “unfunniness” isn’t a problem with the film, but a problem with the world, particularly during the ongoing pandemic.

The Academy Museum

Driven by its mission “to advance the understanding, celebration, and preservation of cinema,” the Academy Museum addresses film history through its dynamic and educational exhibitions.

Iuli Gerbase’s The Pink Cloud

A toxic pink smog appearing simultaneously across the whole world is liable to kill a person in under ten seconds. That Gerbase’s film was entirely written and produced before the pandemic began is the basis of what makes it so powerful.


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