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Kamikaze Jones with Jennifer Vanilla

Whether staging guerilla dance spectacles in Times Square or turning nonsensical self-help aphorisms into sinuous club bangers, Jennifer Vanilla functions as a neo-camp critique of modern main character syndrome, a living hologram that playfully deconstructs the artifice of relatability.

The Propulsive Sound of Nader Khalil

Now, with a pair of self-released EPs, Nader Khalil and Nader Khalil 2, in 2022, Khalil has cultivated a sound of his own.

Sly & The Family Drone: Disturbing Sonics in Birmingham, England

Sly & The Family Drone offer an extreme experience of catastrophic electronic density, primitive analogue origins perverted via intense manipulation and exaggeration. They appreciate doubled power, boasting two drummers and two electronicists—but only one baritone saxophonist, which may well be sufficient. They play loud, they improvise heartily, and they always vote for performing in the round, preferably directly rooted to the floor, no stage allowed, and unavoidably surrounded by their acolytes in deep noise appreciation.

Promise of Glory

Among music’s many other powers is the ability to cross boundaries and make intuitive connections between cultures. In the recognition of that is our own godlike feeling, the ability to travel over the earth, to fly free and to apprehend.


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