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A Riff Gone Too Far: Jess and Tom

For a variety of reasons, it’s not difficult for us (Kate and me, but perhaps other trans women, too) to fixate on how our choices of personal presentation may affect how the world perceives us: what kind of woman wears this dress? What signals does this dress give to an observer? Where in a complex matrix of archetypes of femininity does this dress place me? How do I succeed and fail to embody those archetypes, and what impression does my combination of gendered successes and failures leave on a passerby?

The American Dream Becomes a Queer, Coming-of-Age Videogame in american (tele)visions

In an absurd world that refuses to treat immigrants as human beings, Victor I. Cazares makes the case in american (tele)visions that it’s time to dream up a world that treats immigrant narratives with dignity.

Walter Corwin’s A Short History of Now

Walter Corwin Invites us to Experience an Intimate and Revealing “Short History of Now”


The Brooklyn Rail

OCT 2022

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