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Christine Sneed with Blake Sanz

In Please Be Advised, a work that calls to mind Joshua Ferris’s Then We Came to the End and TV’s The Office, Christine Sneed comically explores office culture in the twenty-first century.

Jill Bialosky’s The Deceptions

In her latest novel, The Deceptions, Jill Bialosky (History of a Suicide: My Sister’s Unfinished Life) explores the cost of desire with an unnamed female protagonist on the quest for freedom and hope. 

Tuhin Das’s Exile Poems: In the Labyrinth of Homesickness

From an interview that follows Das’s new collection of poetry, Exile Poems: In the Labyrinth of Homesickness, the writer says, “I am a Bengali and Bangladeshi first. Some people want to define me by my religion, but I want to be known by my culture, which is Bengali.”

Jennifer Otter Bickerdike’s You are Beautiful and You are Alone: The Biography of Nico

In You are Beautiful and You are Alone, Jennifer Otter Bickerdike sets as her subject the untangling of the puzzle that is Nico.

Hua Hsu’s Stay True: A Memoir

The son of Taiwanese immigrants, Hsu is the one to tell us his story of friendship, identity building, grief, and his search for solace after tragedy, by taking us back then to his teenage years in the Bay Area in the nineties.

Rene Ricard’s God with Revolver

Rene Ricard’s poems here, despite dating from the 1980s, encompass much of his life in all its brilliance, disordering of the senses, self-confidence, and self-immolation.


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