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Mohammad Reza Aslani with Forrest Cardamenis

Recently rediscovered, Mohammad Reza Aslani’s 1976 feature Chess of the Wind teeters on the precipice between the traditional and the modern, pulling from both Iranian and European pictorial traditions to deliver a series of politically charged, even revolutionary tableaux.

All Too Hip, Not Too Jewish: Jake Kasdan’s The TV Set at 15 Years

In many ways, The TV Set is the elder Millennial’s Network (1976). Both screenplays sprang from the imaginations of Jewish men (TV Set’s Kasdan, Network’s Paddy Chayefsky) looking to lampoon their experiences working in television.

The 16th Cyprus International Film Festival

The Cyprus International Film Festival represents an intriguing initiative to bring film culture to the periphery of the European Union and raise awareness of Cyprus’s complex geopolitical situation.

Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch

Wes Anderson’s delightful new film, The French Dispatch, is more than a love letter to American newspaper and magazine writers—it is a film committed to reveling in the craft of writing and storytelling.

Ibrahim Mursal’s The Art of Sin

The documentary The Art of Sin depicts an openly gay Sudanese man’s return home and navigates the personal and cultural ramifications of his sexual identity.


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