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shedfulls ov’em
you’ll see
will not be
the deciding factor
in the big shift
towards hemispheric
autarky, no amount
of rounds and clips
hoarded in safes
will re-write
labor laws that
integrate Canadian
American, and
Mexican bio-power
around a vision
of itself
protective economically
expansive culturally
interposed maps
of watersheds
routes of produce
conduits of
clean energy
lasered in on
healthy work
and stable housing
the big shift
doesn’t require
belly crawling
sharp shooters
grown boy camps
singalongs pining
after dreams of
becoming sovereign
when all’s entangled
already, except
not formally, and
equitably, set to
a higher order
resource conscious
confident future
collective wealth
material & psychic
brave projection
bulwark against this
faux nationalism
yacht excursion
for winners of
rigged outcomes
swamp monsters
becoming great again
promoting shedfulls
of ammo, camo
grown up boy
lingerie, boudoir
posing on
towering trucks
performing sovereign
when all’s entangled
already, but on
a wobbly base
with side shows
gun shows
crouching, cowering
last gasps of
sovereign kings
everyman a serf
owning nothing
not mineral deposits
not beds of technology
not downstream planning
educational cargo
material & psychic
oblivious to rising
forces, integrated
autarkic, prosperous
homelands to
thrive in, where
crotch grasping
gun toting
enfeebled copes
flicker out
year by year
as hemispheric power
looks outward
with straight backs
towards other
autarkic regions
working on integration
of a higher order
looking outwards
mindfully negotiating
globe’s collective wealth
material & psychic
and yeah, a few
museums of nation-states
and even kinky cosplay
might be entertaining
on occasion
to remind us of
the age of
anarcho-tyranny and its
butlers on a leash

Brown Lives

Brown lives
the phrase as is
don’t matter
in Mexico
the shades
are endless
where draw
the line
you’d go
quite mad
what matters
in Mexico
is lana
cold cash
how much
how far the flow
what things what folks
you gather round you
of course
colorism thrives
in Mexico
weighs in tips scales
but saying
and insisting
brown lives
the phrase as is
is sacred is blurry
happy talk
won’t supply
the flow
the things the folks
you gather round you
the line when drawn
would shift
yearly monthly
the haggle
would matter
to oligarchs a lot
the haggle
would matter
to academia
even more
brown lives
whole departments
might thrive
service lines
blurring oligarchs’
long game
still though
colorism thrives
in Mexico
it hurts it works
for some for sure
same families
have winners
and losers
it’s important
to confront
colorism frankly
but lana
go see take in
don’t flinch
draws lines on top
down below both sides
makes box
in Mexico boxes matter
not lines that shift
weekly daily
you’d go quite mad
demarking where
jumping back & over
vying to
drag shit
here to there
and back
stuck in a box
in Mexico
decaled with
brown lives
matter merch
donated by
happy oligarchs of oil
of telecom of finance
beachfront empires
foreground to
hillside slums
background to
nervous middlings
frozen between
undecided about
lines boxes
which matter and why
earning zeal
spending zeal
to audit
Mexico Lindo
is necessary
the peso
plunging today
ten percent


a rhapsody for activists

Betimes, you stall, and by stalling, rocket

Betimes, you're a dead-bored worker

Betimes, a devoted worker without deep purpose

Betimes, you're a thrill-seeking slacker

Betimes, a genius co-worker – without peers

You chose this, you chose dialectical wreck sensational

You pounce towards direct intents unknown

You’ve sloughed off crooked dick nationalism

You’ve blown up indolence (on some occasions, eloquence)

Who can Velcro on a plasticized red wig when you want it?

Who can supply you a bronze lion future beast of victory?

Betimes, you're a pre-pounce poet, posing as pouncer

Betimes, you’re a post-pounce as twitchy twitch

Not whatever! Never whatever! But this:

You’re a Spectral Socialist – savage

You’re a Spectral Socialist – civilizer

You’re a Spectral Socialist – dirt clod on diamond

Who can futurize “The People” without the trademark?

Who enacts fire cannister hierarchical reform?

Betimes, you carouse, and by carousing, arouse

Betimes, you're a “hella” (as y’all say) cat with hiss and claws

Betimes, you’re a devotee to love slamming you to the ground

Did you really choose this gem? Art thou chosen?

Are you ascending now towards free-floating domes in the sky?

Have you handily sloughed off sultry stance nationalism?

Betimes, nationalisms offer services – left or right

Betimes, intra-nationalisms show a way out – for a fee

Who can hyper-spatialize “The People” without coordinates?

Who enacts super symmetrical justice reform?

You’re a Spectral Socialist – bit actor

You’re a Spectral Socialist – stunt double

You’re a Spectral Socialist – diamond fleck on demon dung

Betimes, you rocket, and by rocketing, stall

Betimes, you stall, and by stalling, rocket


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JUL-AUG 2021

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