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MARCH 2021

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MARCH 2021 Issue
Poetry A Tribute to Lewis Warsh


It's ok to take a job that pays something at least for a while.

It’s going to be a shock to be back.

It gets dark very early & then there's just night out there.

I felt closer to some of the people in the audience, it was odd to go back that far.

We were probably the two weirdest looking dudes on campus
             & eventually we picked one another out.

I hardly know anyone between last year and this one.

The administration is trying to pretend we’re all friends.

“I like capitalism,” she said—you should have been there.

I might hang out in the city a little longer, but not making any plans.

Now there are flash floods in Colorado -- we're driving from Denver to Santa Fe.

I remember the chaos of Athens—I’m totally in the woods.

I think I need a drink, I can get to the bar at 7, like before

A big bear came onto our little patio and ate all the bird food.

Yesterday was some kind of "fun"—all this solitude, good for my brain.

Yes, let’s definitely meet—but when?


Tony Iantosca

Tony Iantosca is a writer, poet and educator living in Brooklyn. Recent poems can be found in A Glimpse Of, and Everybody Press Review, among others. These poems are from a manuscript called Crisis Inquiry, forthcoming from Ugly Duckling Presse in 2023. Tony is also a lecturer in the English department at Kingsborough Community College (CUNY).


The Brooklyn Rail

MARCH 2021

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