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André Breton's Nadja: fac-similé du manuscrit de 1927

This is the manuscript of the 1927 masterpiece, thought lost for a very long time. The present reader, confronted by the manuscript in its truly majestic overwritings, with these notes in their disorganization and distortion of the “original,” feels as if Surrealism itself—of which this is surely the major document—were to be imbued with yet more mystery in its mythology.

Joseph Jarman's Black Case Volume I & II: Return From Exile

A republication of the jazz artist’s self-published 1974 DIY book, this edition maintains its DIY quality filled with typewritten text and photographs. It is a collection of poetry, both in prose-poem manner and free verse, that explores his personal history and the larger world of African-American culture surrounding him.

David Wojnarowicz's In the Shadow of Forward Motion

This facsimile of the original 1989 zine that originally accompanied a show at P.P.O.W gallery, reveals the artist’s vulnerable and deeply symbolic writing style alongside his visual work. His writing shifts from urgent whispers to angry pleas, revealing an artist willing to bare his inconsistencies publicly.

Esopus's Modern Artifacts

The new book collects the illustrated features dedicated to the Museum of Modern Art’s archive and combines them with six freshly commissioned artist’s projects, a foreword by journal editor Tod Lippy, and an introduction by MoMA chief of archives Michelle Elligott. The documents reproduced testify to the erasures, misfires, pivots, and gambles, ingrained in the museum’s history, but kept locked away in its archive.


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