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Ratmansky’s Imprint on ABT

ABT continues on its path to becoming Alexei Ratmansky’s company.

Ligia Lewis: Water Will (in Melody)

The black curtains form a dark wall across the proscenium assembled at Performance Space. Green and yellow lighting washes through the haze above the audience. We hear the ribbit of frogs, the buzz of crickets, and the swampy whir of the nocturnal.

In Conversation


Since I clasped hands and danced with an elder named Marta during the dance party that ends Zapatografía/Shoegraphy, I’ve kept an eye on the choreographer: interdisciplinary artist Larissa Velez-Jackson. On an afternoon threatened by thunderstorms, we sat at a street café and spoke about injury/healing, working-artistry, and her Star Crap Method as components of her past products and ongoing processes.

Poses at the House of Metropolitan

The Metropolitan Museum’s Battle of the Legends on June 11 showcased six of New York’s best voguers vying for the winner’s title.

Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise

Director Chen Shi-Zheng's Dragon Spring Phoenix Rise, a premiere for The Shed's inaugural season of programming, is billed as a “kung-fu musical,” meant to be innovative in its combination of cultural forms and sensibilities. Instead, it's a confusing mishmash.


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