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In Conversation

SEAN DONOVAN with Sara Farrington

The Reception is this hypnotic dance theater piece about an eerily unraveling party where guests nightmarishly repeat stories and gestures, stopping short when they hear the room creak, like ship rigging ready to snap. I fell in love with The Reception, felt lucky to watch it develop over three years.

In Conversation

Gina Femia and Blayze Teicher with Phoebe Brooks

On a sunny afternoon in Madison Square Park, I recently met up with playwright Gina Femia and director Blayze Teicher, the creative team behind a new play called The Virtuous Fall of the Girls from Our Lady of Sorrows.

In Dialogue

LUCAS HNATH with Jim Knable

I got to see a preview of Hillary and Clinton as part of the deal. I will say, in going through the relatively short list of people I can text with a day’s notice to join me as a plus-one to see a play, I thought of Lucas… then remembered it was his play.


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