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DAVID RIVARD with Tony Leuzzi

Rivard’s robust yet rueful poems may tilt towards elegy but the poet himself possesses a terrific sense of humor: this is punctuated by a winsome smile and utterly mischievous laugh.

In Conversation

CHRISTOPHER X. SHADE with Beverly Donofrio

I first met Christopher at a monastery on a freezing early spring weekend.

In Conversation

LYNNE TILLMAN with Elizabeth Block

With the reprint of a "great American novel," American Genius, A Comedy, Lynne Tillman has perhaps now (if not already) set her literary/conceptual art legacy for generations to come.

Ian Frisch's Magic is Dead

Ian Frisch, a young Brooklyn freelance journalist, expected only a long article about the "mind of a magician" to emerge from his contacts with underground magic performers. Frisch has written for The New Yorker, the New York Times, Playboy, and Wired.

In Conversation

DUNCAN B. BARLOW with Tobias Carroll

Long ago, when I was in college and editing a punk zine, Duncan B. Barlow was one of the first people I ever interviewed.

Asiya Wadud's Crosslight for Youngbird

What is a poetics of accounting but a poetics of accountability?


he poet and writer GennaRose Nethercott radiates a worldview that brings out the magic in everyday life, a magic she commits gorgeously to the page in her debut poetry book The Lumberjack's Dove, a sweetly surreal tale of grief, loss, and storytelling itself.

In Conversation

Duanwad Pimwana and Mui Poopoksakul with Andrea Scrima

A young man on vacation is intensely preoccupied with the stirrings of his lust: why does a particular village woman arouse him, what is it exactly about her?

Shira Dentz's how do i net thee

Shira Dentz is a deft experimentalist that casual readers of contemporary poetry need to discover.


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