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In Conversation

BOBBI JENE SMITH with Sima Belmar

Both Bobbi Jenes, dancer and film, are invested in that phenomenological, physical approach to meaning-making.

Miguel Gutierrez’s This Bridge Called My Ass

Miguel Gutierrez pulls down his underwear with critical intent. Focused and assured, he turns to the left with one yank, and then to the right, before re-joining the orgy of bodies, clothes, and fabric that dominate the stage.

Dear Chaos

It’s Sisyphean to track the history of human strife in a single performance; the nine artists who appear in the work, though, approach this task with a seriousness and intensity

Make 'Em Laugh

Having never seen Nederlands Dans Theater, I was worried its junior troupe, NDT 2, might be a little too “European” for my liking—one of those avant-garde four-hour-long productions you go to against your better judgment in Paris, in which art is less about pleasure than it is a test of “intellectual” endurance.


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