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In Conversation

KEN PRICE with Douglas Dreishpoon

Price’s unconventional sculpture captivated my imagination more than twenty years ago when I saw it in New York at the Willard Gallery on East 72nd Street: a tiny forest of finely sliced and brashly painted amorphic mounds, so outrageous and yet so right.

In Conversation

CHARLINE VON HEYL with Raphael Rubinstein

Breaking expectations, Charline von Heyl demonstrates that you can be an enthusiastic scavenger of bygone eras in art while producing paintings that look, and are, completely contemporary.

In Conversation

JAMES ENGLISH LEARY with Charles Schultz

James English Leary was part of the gang of artists who brought Bruce High Quality into the world, and then took Bruce out of it.

In Conversation

FIRELEI BÁEZ with Hồng-Ân Trương

I first encountered Firelei Báez’s work in 2012 in a group show called Cultural Transference at EFA Project Space, curated by Sara Reisman.

In Conversation

SETH PRICE with Will Fenstermaker

Talking with Seth Price can feel like circumscribing an amoeba. One is aware of protean boundaries, but also a rigid cell wall where certain issues attempt to broach.

In Conversation

ANN MCCOY with Aaron Rosen

Ann McCoy spoke with Aaron Rosen last Easter about the power of images, icons, and numinous experiences.

In Conversation

JOYCE J. SCOTT with Lowery Stokes Sims

On the occasion of her exhibition, What Next and Why Not, at Peter Blum Gallery, Lowery Stokes Sims sat down with Joyce Scott to discuss her work with beads and glass, early performance art, and her deep and abiding affection for Baltimore, where she was born, raised, and continues to live.


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