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Unortho-docs at Locarno 70

Last August, three of the most impressive, innovative documentaries of the year, Eduardo Williams’s The Human Surge, Nele Wohlatz’ El Futuro Perfecto and Theo Anthony’s Rat Film, premiered at the Locarno International Film Festival. With an even greater focus on nonfiction film for this year’s 70th edition, it’s perhaps worthwhile to look back on the festival through these offerings alone.

In Conversation

MAPLE RAZSA with Duncan Ranslem

Maple Razsa is Professor of Global Studies at Colby College. He has studied and participated in alter-globalization movements across Europe, paying particular attention to how video is produced, distributed, and consumed in activist practice.

If You See Something Say Something: On Jason Giampietro

The Greenpoint-based filmmaker and photographer Jason Giampietro has kept a relatively low profile for the past decade and a half, though this may be by design. His work embodies a street-level humanism whose sheer immediacy wouldn’t be possible if not for his relative anonymity.

Stop Motion: On Evan Calder Williams's Shard Cinema

As someone who, owing to both finances and priorities, has seen only a small fraction of the dozens of recent blockbusters that Evan Calder Williams calls on in his new book Shard Cinema, I nonetheless instantly recognized the sort of image he describes in its opening pages as the point of departure for the wide-ranging inquiry that follows: “the slow-motion shatter, drift, spray, and spread through the air of broken glass, ice, cement, plastic, wood, and metal, of crystalline drops of water and glowing sparks and specks of dust and snow and sand, all given ample screen time to go nowhere in particular

What Erupts and What Matters: On Yvonne Rainer's Films

Last month, the Film Society of Lincoln Center hosted a comprehensive retrospective of Yvonne Rainer’s filmic work.


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