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Field Notes

A Guided Tour of Europe's Largest Refugee Camp

As of 2016 there were almost 180,000 asylum seekers living in publically-funded reception centers in Italy. Among these centers is the largest refugee camp in Europe, the CARA Mineo in Eastern Sicily, which formerly housed American soldiers froma nearby NATO base

Cowboy Stories

Once near the Alvord Desert—a corner of Oregon literally never in the news until last year, when cowboy militants took over the Malheur wildlife refuge in protest of the jailing of ranchers for burning federal land—my then husband and I stopped at a gas station on the way to a hot spring up the highway. We were almost out of gas.

Solidarity Behind Bars: NYC’s Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association

Mayor de Blasio’s proposal to shutter the jail complex at Rikers Island and replace it with smaller, borough-based jails is worthy of tortured scrutiny, offering as it does the moral and political quandary of replacing a notoriously brutal penal colony and avatar of mass incarceration…with still more sites of mass incarceration.

Inside the Disenchanted World of Left Keynesianism: A Review of Yanis Varoufakis's Adults in the Room

The publication of Yanis Varoufakis’s new book Adults in the Room: My Battle with Europe’s Deep Establishment (London: The Bodley Head, 2017) caused a considerable uproar in the Greek political discourse, as well as some international coverage.


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