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Is Donald Trump a Fascist?

“Fascist” is nowadays simply a term of abuse for people we do not like. It is without much meaning and is no longer even confined to abusing those on the far right whom we do not like.

The New Deal Lives On in the City

The New Deal of the 1930s utterly transformed New York City, but most people hardly notice today. The landscape of public works created under the aegis of the Roosevelt Administration has become part of the backdrop of everyday life. But try to imagine the city without the Triborough Bridge, Lincoln Tunnel, and Henry Hudson Parkway and you get an idea of how much the city still owes to the New Deal.

Tycoons of Despair:
Austerity, Aesthetics, and Sentimentality

This was not the story I intended to write. That was a fictional story, though like many fictional stories it was inspired by a true event.


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