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A Vivifying Spectacle
Target Margin Theater’s Mourning Becomes Electra

Most of us already know something of Eugene O’Neill. His plays are as ineluctable as their characters’ poisoned fates; even if we duck The Emperor Jones in high school, we are caught later by our neighborhood troupe’s Anna Christie, or by the Broadway revival of Long Day’s Journey into Night that our parents believe might finally make us appreciate them.

Begetting Charleses: Carl Holder

Playwright Carl Holder was running late to the first reading of his own play. Some friends had generously offered to host it at their apartment, and had even cooked dinner for everyone.

In Dialogue

Following the Cinematic-Theatric
with Sara Farrington

The first time I heard Sara Farrington’s voice, I was standing outside in the grass at The Great Plains Theatre Conference in an impromptu performance space, set up to stage her play Mickey & Sage.


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APR 2017

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