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THEO ANTHONY with Dan Sullivan

After a run at festivals including Locarno, Rotterdam, True/False, and South by Southwest, Theo Anthony’s feature debut, Rat Film, will make its New York premiere as the opening night film of the 2017 edition of “Art of the Real” the Film Society of Lincoln Center’s annual series spotlighting expansive nonfiction cinema.

Notes from the 2017 True/False Festival

Where a historicist approach might chart an analytical course, connecting a film’s concerns with the particular social and political context in which it is located, here each film invites a reading of social conditions as an impression of form, a pattern of incriminating networks rather than as a stable background.

Mapping a History of Activist Real Estate
A new online project reveals the hidden history of a pioneering nonprofit

Housing Works History shows history moving in cycles, too often backtracking and, on rare occasions, stumbling forward.

On Paul Sharits
An Excerpt from “I Was a Flawed Modernist”

I responded almost microsecond by microsecond to all the little humorous inserted elements and the play screen to screen, and the way that he handled color. I thought this was completely magical.

Bad Blood, Honest Work
Blood on the Mountain

February 26, 1972—A thirty-foot tidal wave of toxic black slurry swallowed sixteen West Virginia towns when the Pittson Company’s coal waste impoundment burst open and spilled down the mountainside of Buffalo Creek hollow.

Even The Dead Will Not Be Safe
Part III of III

"Every image of the past that is not recognized by the present as one of its own concerns threatens to disappear irretrievably.” It is not only the images we create, but those we fail to create, what we fail to see, that will determine the course of histories to come.


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