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EPHRAIM ASILI with Ekrem Serdar

In seven years, the filmmaker Ephraim Asili has completed a remarkable cycle of five films regarding his own relationship with the greater African diaspora. These films—Forged Ways (2011), American Hunger (2013), Many Thousands Gone (2015), Kindah (2016), and Fluid Frontiers (2017)—document not only his travels across Brazil, Canada, Ethiopia, Ghana, Jamaica, and the United States, but also a personal search for the connections of cultures across space and time.

In Conversation

SKY HOPINKA and belit sağ with Almudena Escobar López

belit sağ is a videomaker based in Amsterdam, with a background in video-activism. Her work unfolds the internal stratification of information investigating affective and critical engagement with images in the context of the everyday.

VIFF 2017: On watching and being seen in Dragonfly Eyes, Claire’s Camera, and Happy End

Being a young correspondent at the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) means you don’t get to queue in the ticketholder line, but that you must arrive extremely early, to claim one of the limited spots allotted to passholders and stand in line with gregarious, though often confused, industry people.

Before the End of the World: Strugatsky Brothers on Film at Anthology Film Archives

Russian Sci-fi authors Boris and Arkady Strugatsky owe much of their renown in the United States, to Andrei Tarkovsky’s film Stalker (1979). Despite mixed reviews upon release, the film has cemented itself in the world cinema canon, and brought its source material, the brothers’s Roadside Picnic, along with it.


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