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Introduction: Toby Kamps with Anne Doran

The life and career of Walter Hopps is legendary. His obituary in The Washington Post described him as a “sort of a gonzo museum director—elusive, unpredictable, outlandish in his range, jagged in his vision, heedless of rules.”

Art In Conversation

GUY GOODWIN with Phong Bui

On the occasion of Guy’s recent show, Grotto Relief at Brennan & Griffin (May 13–June 18, 2017), we enjoyed a long-overdue conversation on the exhibition’s last day, in front of an audience comprised mostly of artists.

Art In Conversation

MIGUEL LUCIANO with Media Farzin and Charles Schultz

With the Puerto Rican debt crisis as well as the controversy over legendary political activist Oscar López Rivera’s participation in the Puerto Rican parade as backdrop, we took the opportunity to discuss Luciano’s long engagement with Puerto Rican politics and history, his love of creatively refurbished bicycles, and how the two intersect in Ride or Die, Luciano’s solo exhibition of commissioned work, which was on view at Brooklyn’s BRIC gallery this past spring.

Art of the Cover-Up:
Gerhard Richter's Decke

Strung-out between abstract dematerialization and post-minimalist figuration, Decke absorbs the photograph and disfigures its referent. Working over its own rendered image corrosively, Richter’s paint becomes a cover, a screen, a veil.

After Deadpan

The French model of painting seemed prescient, because of its insistence that history and passion go hand in hand. Immediately following the election, I looked to French painting as a school of affect, a repository of figures whose emotions provided a series of lessons in how to behave as a historical agent and how to respond to historical events.

From the Publisher & Artistic Director

Dear Friends and Readers,

“A utopia is not a portrait of the real world, of the actual political or social order. It exists at no moment of time and at no point in space; it is “nowhere.” But just such a conception of a nowhere has stood the test and proved its strength in the development of the modern world.”

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