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for Joanne Kyger


Throbs of words

This is a swelling
These are heaps















   piling rocks for you
   missing all of you
                                 the mystery of friends
                                             we’ll mis-sing and misremember
we are the minds of this country
               rich robes saying
       walking strong and oblivious, with pomp and
  we’ll accuse
                     Like a lantern

We’ll say
         instead, in a passing




                                                     was a choosing
                                       left embers burn out           Time
                                             Outliver, you

                                    loose dirt and hasty

and poems,
are mine
what Eyes














                            of taking
  soaked into you as a message
         of herbs
         of oils
         of wet ground
         of char
 a scent longer
 what’s left is

to peel back
   a casement
one goes to
it’s not an absence

each poem ajar














    the names to myself
                                         and kept
                      I threw 3 coins
          metals and fire—
  the wind let out, singed
       There would be

                             & hissing pebble
                         & rocks
                    All sticks


           in these old kinds of poem
There would be no words















Mike Cavuto

Mike Cavuto is a poet from Philadelphia currently living in Brooklyn. He is a founding member of the Toronto-based pure sound collective Sex Panic! With Dale Smith and Hoa Nguyen, he edits the Slow Poetry in America Newsletter.


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