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Transitions to the Up-Tempo Second Section, Called Tombohoneng (“Remedy for Yearning”)

When a character speaks in a work of fiction, it’s generally the last thing that character said to the author before dying. “Don’t eat too much,” for example.

from Games and Stunts

Stand with the others in the fenced-in yard. Shoes drag through gravel and dust rises with each slow step.

Futures in Child Rearing

I’m trying to have a baby. I’d like to name her Ocean, but I fear the implications: the void, vast emptiness, the unknown, big whale shits, giant octopuses, or other possible hentai tentacle situations.

from Kid Coole

This is the final chapter in the Kid Coole serial that began in May of 2015.

Tragic Strip

T. Motley is the 2016 silver medalist in the Society of Illustrators' Short Form Comics competition, winning for a story he contributed to Cartozia Tales.


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