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The Republicans Have Been Trumped

For over eighty years, the reformist left in the United States has sought to transform one of the capitalist parties into a “people’s” party. Both the Communist Party’s popular front strategy and the social-democratic strategy of “realignment” (formulated by the brilliant ex-Marxist Max Shachtman) sought to transform the Democratic Party.

Labor Costs and the Life of the Mind

On August 23, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) decided that graduate student workers at private universities may unionize and bargain collectively. The ruling ended a twenty-month wait for Columbia graduate students, who had petitioned the NLRB in late 2014.

We Are Not in Possession of Power; We Are in Possession of the Government:
The Long Goodbye of Social Democracy in Latin America

In the last year the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela has come to crisis, with its United Socialist Party (PSUV) on the brink of collapse; the Workers’ Party has been unseated in Brazil; and Evo Morales has lost his referendum bid to maintain his hold on the Bolivian presidency.

In Conversation

Seizing Freedom:
DAVID ROEDIGER with Peter St. Clair

The North won the Civil War, but the South won the Reconstruction. The victorious Northern armies preserved the Union and the slaves were emancipated but the Confederates won the historical interpretation of those events by perpetrating the myths that became the accepted story over the next one hundred years.

On Time and a Half, Learning Disabilities, Secondary Gain, and the Business of Mental Health

Though I have a medical degree and practiced general medicine for a brief period in Spain, I left clinical practice many years ago and have been involved in research and teaching in institutions of higher education in the United States for fifteen years.


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