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Inside Man

Daily Log 20061

March 1
New computer, new log, new world

Samuel Beckett, Fizzles
Raffi Kalendarian at Black Dragon Society
Chris Lipomi, Makawana Omawaki at Daniel Hug

David Cronenberg, Videodrome

                  Death to Videodrome;
                  Long live the new flesh!

Amanda Ross-Ho, Infinity’s Limited Engagement at USC

USC School of Fine Arts becomes USC Roski School of Fine Arts

Allen Ruppersburg at Margo Leavin
Anish Kapoor at Regen Projects
Group show (Tue Greenfort, Felix Schramm, etc.) at Anna Helwing
Anthony Goicolea at Sandroni Rey
Friedrich Kunath at Blum and Poe
Jon-Paul Villegas at Lizabeth Oliveria
Hitchcock, Rear Window
Hitchcock, The Birds

Hitchcock, Vertigo

The Aristocrats

A Play on Action at Rosamund Felsen with Cory, Tamara, etc.

Lita Albuquerque, AOR at Weisman Museum, Pepperdine

Scion TC

Jenny Phelps at USC

Jason Meadows at Marc Foxx
Faris McReynolds at Roberts & Tilton
Martin Kersels at ACME
Ann Veronica Janssen at 1301 PE
Jeff Whetstone at Karyn Lovegrove
Adam Janes at Solo Projects
Henry Taylor at sister
Group show at rental gallery with Alice Könitz, Rubi Neri, Patrick Nickell, Tyler Vlahovich, etc.
Francesco Rivera at Happy Lion
Alexandre Arrechea at Mary Goldman
Yoshihiro Suro at Chung King Projects
Bart Exposito, Roger Herman, Hubert Schmalix at Daniel Hug
Markus Amm, Aaron Curry, Jay Heikes, Adam McEwen, Alan Michael, Giles Round at David Kordansky

Nathan Mabry at Cherry and Martin
Ruth Weisberg at Jack Rutberg
Sasha Freedman, A through K, at the Rialto

Studio visit with Candace Nycz
Lunch with Bruce
Eric Wesley at MOCA PDC (and walkthrough with Connie Butler, Eric Wesley)

Glenn Branca, Hallucination City at Disney Concert Hall

California Biennial Lunch at Michael’s
Ry Rocklen opening at USC

Studio visits with Patrick Jackson (“Do No Harm”), Jason Starr, Ry Rocklen, Greg Wilken
Coco Fusco at MC
Daniel J. Martinez at LAXART
Rowena Dring at Q.E.D.
Franco Mondini-Ruiz at Lightbox
Group show at Walter Maciel
Spike Lee, Inside Man

  1. Lately I find myself talking to a lot of people about how different things were in Los Angeles—and its art world—ten years ago. For roughly the past ten years, which is also roughly the time I’ve been working as a critic, I’ve been keeping a daily log of every show I see. In fact, it was started with that purpose: to keep track of the seemingly vast amount of art I was looking at, IRL. The earliest log I can locate begins in March of 2006, coinciding with the purchase of a new laptop. Over the past decade, I’ve started to add a lot more to the log, but it started with exhibitions, studio visits, films, things I was reading, and the occasional lunch meeting or fancy art dinner. In a transgression of my usual privacy regarding this daily log, I thought it might be revealing to see what the world (well, my world) looked like ten years ago. So, this is one month from 2006, without editing. A few artist names are no longer familiar. Many of the galleries I frequented have disappeared; the galleries are in (mostly) different neighborhoods. There weren’t as many galleries then, and I could usually get to most of them. Now there are twice as many, spread out all over the city, and I can only see a fraction of what I used to see. (Ten years ago, I was also working at USC. My, how things have changed there!) In 2006, there were days I didn’t account for. That’s changed too, for better or worse.




Michael Ned Holte

MICHAEL NED HOLTE is a writer, independent curator, and co-director of the Program in Art at the California Institute of the Arts. He is organizing the exhibition “Routine Pleasures,” which will open at the MAK Center for Art and Architecture at the Schindler House in May 2016.


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