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The Salad Days of Sheila Callaghan

Sheila Callaghan is one of my favorite living playwrights. I can count these playwrights on one hand. In a theatrical landscape dominated by after-school specials, on-stage television pilots, exposés of rich families, and nonsense musicals, Callaghan’s work eschews any category.

In Conversation

Storm, Still:

Morgan Gould, theatrical “stager in 3 dimensions” and “writer of live stories for a present audience” sat down (also known as emailed) playwright Gabrielle Reisman and director Portia Krieger about their upcoming production of Storm, Still, a loose adaptation of King Lear being performed September 11-19 in a backyard in Bushwick (Reisman’s, actually) featuring Becca Blackwell, Crystal Lucas-Perry, and Claire Siebers. Most people think it sounds cool, but Morgan had to be convinced. In a world with Hulu+ and Showtime Anytime, can we really trust the theater to do the trick? Some detective work needed to be done here. And Morgan was up to the challenge. Findings are as follows: 


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