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My Statement is Material


A box containing
Temperature inside out
Often square or rectangular
41 times
The positive of language
Several points of view
Collective death
A lie about tomatoes­
Granite dust from a monument making shop
Application touches many bodies
Quick aluminum pinch pot
Quick wood pinch pot
Insta-crete pinch pot
Quick copper pinch pot
Quick steel pinch pot
Creative paper clay pinch pot
Stainable wood filler pinch pot
Graphite pinch pot
One time patch and prime pinch pot
Sticky wax pinch pot
Sticky tack pinch pot
Museum wax pinch pot
Unfired porcelain pinch pot
Knead-able mold pinch pot
Knead-able eraser pinch pot
Fist size spaces
A few soft punches
A gift of a rock from the driveway
Leaving towards something
Favorite simple machine
Collected bits of color
Escaped arrangements
Measured disappearing
Habit of repetition
Attempts to put them back together
A thing overheating
One separation
Between the real and the genuine
Evidence of not knowing when to leave
Decomposition in a vinyl comforter bag
The letter X
Framed black and white photograph
Framed color photograph
A helicopter airlifting a woman’s bust over suburbia
California’s flag has identifying characteristics
Side effects of flight
General Purpose loop
Shrapnel metaphor
“Enjoy the Barbs” is a book about striped fish
March, 3:22 pm
Plastic yellow flower flattened in a doorway where mostly women walk
Packing tape over all of it
Anxiety of smell
Oversize clapping hand in blue
Oversize clapping hand in orange
Oversize clapping hand in pink
Memory of a tree
Sawdust from Thursday
A yellow and red balance bird in a parking space
Lesson in halves
3 handmade wishbones
Alternating directions
Thinking about if I did it
New York City
Segment of a yardstick that measures 0,21,22,23,2
Simple stasis
Genuine trifold leather wallet
8 picture insert worn dispensing
The box for genuine trifold leather wallet,  $26.00 at JC Penney
Skin is pretty consistent if distant
Regret recreation of a logic not kept
Becoming image memory language
Buttons from seashells
Claiming meaning
5 blank transparent red die arranged to be taller on the left
Round white pebble of square size
Scuff mark on 1 side
That logic
Stopp anti-slip rug underlayment
Soft trap
Screw for a safety pin
Dipped Memory
Soaked Memory
Squeezed Memory
Powdered Memory
Held in place by its own expansion
Forgetting fragment
Bronze poured into the hole in the skirt of a porcelain woman
Evidence of thermal shock
After metaphor
Maintaining interior shape in fine detail
A slip cast companion hanging laundry
Open mouth
Sense of wind
Museum wax under interior labor
Southern excavation
2 samples of compression involved in a slow peel
Porous body bring no air
Won’t hold water
Points of orientation
Blue fragment
Blue fragment
Blue fragment
Skinned Memory
An opening empty
Paper from unpacking magnets
Tack cloths covered in granite dust
Paper from unpacking magnets smoothed out
Tack cloths covered in granite dust refolded
Paper from unpacking magnets folded
Tack cloths covered in granite dust stacked
Paper from unpacking magnets stacked
Subtle variations in transit
A folded flat thing always takes up more space than before
2 pieces of lead sheet cut and rolled into hollow tubing
Soundproof soft bind
Impact of combat
Silence as clear disagreement
A pair of plaster casts
How the heals of my shoes wear
A second pair
Repeated yet distinct phenomena
Ghost abrasion
New York City
A mechanism
A bulb forced through white paper
Battery contacts
Red and blue wire veins
The inside of a touch light
Apparatus smaller than expected
3 sticky hands covered in bronze dust
Residue of cutting feet apart
Attempts to disperse absence
Proximity to a moon rock
Box upside down is evidence of forgetting
6 balls of wall patch and marble dust
A blue drawstring bag
Target twin sheet remnant
Function indeterminate
A rubber band ball with a rainbow center
A dumb ball of resin excess
Mail table compilation
A left over bellybutton
Materials slowly eating each other inside each other
12 hands impress Memory vertebrae
Make spine
Tearing off the atlas reveals a soft center
Trust extrapolation
Acid on porcelain on fracture
9 erasers from rescued pencils
Blue and pink lint balls
States of being winter
Some strange game that should involve water
A patch allowing inflation
Pieces of Memory picked out to make holes for box #26
Battered blue marking chalk
Surprising saturation
Packing material for glass chunks
What it feels like is
Packing material for graphite crucibles
What it sounds like is
Seeing both more fragile than they look
Considering the required heat
Static attraction
Unfired sky blue vitreous enamel and Plexiglas
Epic fragment
Sharp making sharper
Kleenex box top cut from nickel silver
11 rescued pencil leads in isolation
Porcelain drips and pools
Wet punctuation
White chunk glass pressed into creative paper clay
Nail impressions make a new skin more representative of
Some depressions
Earplugs in a hole I didn’t make
All the o’s colored in on square paper notes
Arrangement around dry cleaning
Not my handwriting
Soft monument
Subtle variations in care
3 pieces mdf painted pink over green
6 pieces pine, bright yellow on 1 side
Solid cubes from perfect cuts
Some strange table game
How to fill awkward pauses
Several notions
Gold leaf and so fingerprints
Bronze flashing
Collar stays
The original game of Memory
Being new
Skinned batteries
One finger catacomb
A tongue depressor collecting variations on yellow
Anxiety of escape
Sealing internal seams
A second body
Masses of evidence
Every seam is a scar
Nothing escapes nothing
3 stitches
39 minutes ago
Some memory forgetting form collapses its own exposure
Non-invasive parameter
Non-destructive parameter
3 degrees of freedom
1 through 6
Terms of an x-ray
Objects Conservation



Barb Smith

BARB SMITH is a Brooklyn based artist born in Kokomo, Indiana. Her writing has been featured in No Dear MagazineThe Saint Lucy, and Mahkzin. Her website is


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