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after Etel Adnan
at Galerie Lelong
New York, NY
April 10, 2015

tender plaid city
creepy skyline segment over
hawks circle puppy prey
some nature still intact

the and of improv
blaze rock
conductor gives a go-ahead

they’ll revise history
say it wasn’t our fault
that we were on a comet
the whole time









broken alphabet


$ global variable spangles unapologetic pets or meat ? pageantry rates royal and real share an etymology it is rare for rules to be reversed trattoire cycle of & smoking work ethic an archaic end to means warehouse workers off the clock pat down unpaid surveillance a phoneme children schooled in danger walls rhyme with rebate tofu-dreg a grapheme privatized testimony protected by criminals inquiry meet noise gate PROM stands for Programmable Read-Only Memories clarity stumbles to light compass the daemons to the right side of history offshore nearshore spreadsheet split ghost a global host









they dwelled in a meadow of flowers && weeds


daughter of the river in a record of mistakes

a contranym
to both seduce & drive aside

it was a mistake
that pneumatic inventions
in music & alert
were named for a nymph

she did sing
but not under water

it would be more accurate
to call the alarm
on top of an ambulance
a mermaid

but a loud subset of us
spread the twisted myth
& a story without facts
within a story without facts
gave us definition

reason-deprived foragers
refuse to leave
& starve to death

how long
must misinformation persist
until it’s no longer wrong
lethargy is a symptom
of corruption

grand jury decides


do as we say
not as we do

lawless gangs of thugs

discounted & discarded
does not absolve guilt

thumbed scale
tank hearts







Carol Mirakove

CAROL MIRAKOVE is the author of Muriel's House, Mediated, and Occupied. She lives in Brooklyn where she is writing a manuscript titled, for an exhibit called democracy there are a lot of guns.


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