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Kim Brandt, Alan Calpe, Rebecca Patek, and Gillian Walsh, curated by Sarah Michelson

The audience is still filing into the theater when Kim Brandt’s troupe of 24 dancers—amongst them the other three choreographers on the bill—collapse into a mountain of bodies onstage.

In Conversation


Stephen Petronio—iconoclastic and iconic, subversive, game changing, elegant, with just a gleam of something slightly depraved glinting off his spiky ear studs—is celebrating 30 years as a choreographer with a debut as an author.

The Ghost in You, She Don’t Fade

If asked, you could probably describe a theater with relative ease. A stage comes quickly to mind; curtains, seats, spot lights, a sprung floor, tickets, a box office, even a concession stand and bathrooms (complete with interminable lines at intermission).

On the Runway with Cedar Lake

All of the dancers of Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet are abnormally attractive, but that’s not why they remind me of fashion models. It’s because, like models, they are blank canvases for the extravagant dances they wear.


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