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from DNA

On April 20, 2075, an e-mail message with the subject heading JFDAKLJFDA was sent to six billion computers and unleashed the GORGON worm, which became responsible for the longest continuous interruption of the global network—three days—to date. Resulting in an estimated STM55000000000000 in damages, GORGON ushered in a new age of global systems architecture and security.

from Miransù

What a bad feeling, an indescribable thing. Nothing hurts me, I feel overwhelmed, my breathing, it seems like the world is collapsing on me. Maybe I miss your grandfather, maybe I miss him.

extracts from FIELD GLASS

There the insurgents made their soundless lair. Openings in the hedgerow were closed with frames made from the same material as the hedge. The occupied could close the leafy door, slip into fields and forest, and leave no trace of passing. On a sunny day a deserter could walk for hours and emerge from the bocage as pale as a spirit.

A diary of mysterious difficulties…

Mrs. Micawbers took a long pull at her punch. “I’m not ready to die. Sometimes, I’ve thought that I would like to die at home. Seeing you, my child, puts a little strength back in these old bones. You give energy to a sour and tried friend.”


Liana Finck's first graphic novel, A Bintel Brief: Love and Longing in Old New York, a collection of short stories adapted from letters that were written to a popular Yiddish advice column in the early 1900's, will be published by Ecco Press in April. Finck's work has appeared in The New Yorker, The Forward, Lilith and Tablet. 

Tragic Strip

T. Motley invites you to solve Froggy's Problem and submit your answer via This is a simple logic problem with a clear answer. Let's see how clever you are.


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