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KELTIE FERRIS with Jarrett Earnest

Keltie Ferris is known for large paintings that lap, layer upon layer, into glimmering pictorial spaces; like her, they are utterly debonair. Last month she debuted Body Prints at Chapter NY, surprising new works which, as the title suggests, are impressions of her body on paper.

In Conversation

ROBERT MANGOLD with Alex Bacon

Robert Mangold invited Alex Bacon to his Manhattan pied-à-terre to discuss his upcoming show of new paintings at Pace Gallery (April 4 – May 3, 2014) in the context of the arc of his five-decade long career.

Impossible Dream Made Possible
FOR MITCH LEIGH (1928 – 2014)

The first time I met Mitch 10 years ago I was utterly intimidated by him, mostly because I didn’t know what to make of him, even though I knew he was a legend.

In Conversation

SHEILA HICKS with Danielle Mysliwiec

Sheila Hicks and Danielle Mysliwiec met on a snowy Saturday in a café on the Upper East Side to discuss Hicks’s work in the current Whitney Biennial. On the cusp of her 80th year, the artist looks back on her career, which spans five decades and numerous disciplines.

In Conversation

On James Baldwin

Lawrence Weschler and Baldwin scholar, Rich Blint, recently visited the Rail headquarters, where they spent an evening discussing Baldwin, his enduring legacy, and relevance for our time.

In Conversation

DANIEL TURNER with Phong Bui

In the midst of preparing for his new exhibit PM at Team Gallery (May 4 – June 1, 2014), the artist Daniel Turner (whose works were among those featured in the 2013 exhibit Come Together: Surviving Sandy, Part I this past autumn) welcomed publisher Phong Bui to his Greenpoint studio to talk about his life and work.

RON GORCHOV with Nathlie Provosty

In his typically charming and laissez-faire manner, the artist Ron Gorchov, when asked to conduct a public presentation of his watercolor work within the container of his concurrent show at Lesley Heller Workspace, instead invited his friend Nathlie Provosty to spare him the preparation and engage in a conversation.


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