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MATÍAS PIÑEIRO with Paul Felten

Beginning with The Stolen Man (2007) the Argentinian-born director Matías Piñeiro has made films that I can only describe as tantalizingly in-between—in between classical elegance and avant-garde jaggedness, workshop and finished product.

In Conversation

CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS with David Gregory Lawson

This summer’s career retrospective of Christopher Williams at the Museum of Modern Art (through November 2) includes a marquee-ready photograph that is remarkable in its conceptual simplicity—unpretentious and tactile.

Pier Paolo Pasolini, St. Paul

In 2012, I made a film about Pasolini inspired by his heresies, his spectacular excesses (the 400 blow jobs in the novel Petrolio), and his mosh-pit destruction of liberal politics (from pro-choice to sexual liberation).

In Conversation

JOHN PAIZS with Rumsey Taylor

John Paizs’s Crime Wave debuted at the 1985 Toronto International Film Festival to local acclaim. A Winnipeg-based filmmaker, Paizs had authored a work for which there was no clear precedent: it was decidedly less profane than David Cronenberg’s body horror films, which were at the time Canada’s most visible cinematic export.


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