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Change Story, Change Life
Service and Solace Where Arts Meet Need

Those of us who have chosen to make a life in the arts most likely know their value. If we didn’t, it might be impossible to face the wild fluxes that make up any artistic journey.

In Dialogue

A Scary and a Beautiful Place
Lucy Thurber’s Hill Town Plays

Usually when someone writes a cycle of plays, the plays eventually get performed sequentially or in repertory, by a single company, in a single theater, under a single director. But rarely is a cycle of plays produced simultaneously thanks to a theatrical vision that both embraces an entire neighborhood of theaters as a venue and opens itself to a host of artistic voices as collaborators.

Looking for Some Bulk After Hours in East WillyB?
Theater Artists Take on the Web Series

I often find myself a bit sad after the closing of a show. I miss the daily rehearsals, the continual discussions of the work and how to make it better. I miss the nervousness of audiences walking in and I miss talking with the team afterwards at the bar about what went wrong and what went right.

Painful Intimacy
Daniel Pearle’s A Kid Like Jake

“It feels so intimate when you’re in rehearsal, like a little protected world you’ve created. All of a sudden you walk into the lobby, and there are all these strangers. It becomes a very social act.”


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