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In Conversation

MAC ROGERS with Clay McLeod Chapman

Playwright Mac Rogers has racked up many accolades over the years, including a FringeNYC Outstanding Play award for Viral. Last season, Rogers offered a three-play sci-fi saga (the Honeycomb Trilogy) that clocked in at nearly eight hours’ worth of stage time.

In Dialogue

The Unavoidable Momentum of Steven Levenson

As Americans waste away in windowless conference rooms, embezzling a few thousand here and there, living among foreclosure signs, lying to loved ones, to our government, this 29-year-old playwright has taken notice.

The Theater of Aging: Lighting a SPARC

It’s Monday afternoon in a very clean, carpeted room in the basement of St. Peter’s Church. From the speakers, Bob, a man with a warm voice and a distinct New York accent tells the story of the time he almost bowled a 300.


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