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The Handmade’s Tale

The used-record store in my college town knew to keep an eye out for one particular album for me. We all knew it was unlikely that this self-released record of lesbian folk-punk and sound collage would make its way from Texas to central Illinois, but if it did, they’d set it aside for me.

Exploring London’s Sonic Landscape

I spent two months in the United Kingdom inundated with sound. This wasn’t sound as pure physical experience—the immersive noise of modernity or the multi-media buzz of the contemporary mediasphere—rather, this was sound defined and delimited as a knowable entity, an object of study, even a work of art.

Suburban Roots and the Path to a New Record, Monomania

I’m drinking Tecate in a room on the 11th floor of the Ace Hotel. It’s early April, and I’m here to interview the band Deerhunter. There are about a dozen of us writers here, along with two publicists and a few others—friends of the band, I guess.


I’ve been running around like a maniac and am closer to a nervous breakdown than ever before, while debating which gig to concentrate on.

The Brooklyn What and the Borough’s Past and Future

A Ramones shirt. A CBGB sticker. New York City is haunted by its past, inundated with evidence of things that were once very real but now exist only in the spirit of fleeting youth bands and D.I.Y. venues.


The Brooklyn Rail

JUNE 2013

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