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When the Time Comes

A TRANSLATION OF Wenn es soweit istBY ADRIAN WEST A few months after the double suicide of the seventeen-year-old boys—those two idiots who did away with themselves together! is still heard in the village today—Leopold’s brother hanged himself in a forest near Falkenau, and a few years later his other brother was taken down lifeless from a bridge in Villach.

Poet In The Schools

“I’m the poet from the Writers In The Schools program. Can you tell me what room I’m supposed to be in?” I ask a black woman with a short platinum-blonde afro behind a desk.

from LABOR

The archaeologist leaves a copy of her autobiography on the corner of the desk knowing that at night the inspector cannot resist reading the manuscript entitled My Seneca Village.

Elephant in the City

Connie Sun is an Asian-American cartoonist from California, currently living in New York City. She works in higher education and draws a daily web comic strip at, Monday through Friday. You can follow her @dearconnie on Twitter or on Facebook.

Tragic Strip

Come meet T. Motley at the Grand Comics Festival in Williamsburg June 8 & 9, Bird River Studio, 343 Grand Street (Marcy + Havemeyer) Brooklyn, NY.


Jason Little’s Borb strip appears every day except Sunday at He is also the author of Motel Art Improvement Service and Shutterbug Follies.


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