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from The Collected Writings of Art Smith, The Bird Boy of Fort Wayne

One of Art Smith’s earliest aerial attempts pays homage to the inventors of heavier than air controlled powered flight. It was composed over the open ocean of North Carolina’s Outer Banks near Kill Devil Hills in 1915 after several trial runs spelled out with a stick upon the sand dunes.

I Would Be Remiss If I Did Not Mention That I Have Nothing To Offer You In Return Whatsoever

Jeanie is standing with one foot up like a bright pink flamingo and missing a shoe. I do not know what happened to it. Everything about her is pink. She oozes sex that pink flamingo, that apple orchard. It’s hot August and it’s slow honey.

When the Time Comes

A TRANSLATION OF Wenn es soweit istBY ADRIAN WEST In the clay vessel in which the pandapigl was rendered, from the bones of slaughtered animals, to be brushed on the horses with a crow’s feather around the eyes, nostrils, and belly to protect them from the mosquitoes and horseflies, the skeleton of Hildegard Zitterer lies atop that of her husband, Willibald Zitterer.


Matt Seneca’s work includes the monthly zine Very Fine Comix, the online graphic novel Affected, and a burgeoning number of cocktail napkins with phone numbers written on them in “natural shade” lipstick.


Molly Roth is an aspiring human being/contributing member of society based out of Brooklyn, New York.


Arryan Decatur has an Aerosmith tattoo on the upper part of his right (your left) love handle that cost 70 dollars.

Tears Don't Dry

Leah Hayes is a musician/producer from New York who writes comic books while watching Star Trek next to her blanket-humping cat.

Tragic Strip

T. Motley is a comic strip illustrator and "cartooniologist."

from the story collection
The Man Who Walked on Air & other tales of innocence

out this month from Black Scat Press T. T.  was travelling East when it happened—not merely the Katmandu of CNN news but the Katmandu of dream… It is true however that he had first been prompted by an urgent if cryptic letter he had received from his old Chinese friend, Tcheng Li-Kin, who had a silk shop in the Nepalese capital… Something about very little time being left.


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