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When the Time Comes

A TRANSLATION OF Wenn es soweit istBY ADRIAN WEST For two hours after the presents and the evening snack—sitting around the kitchen table, they ate homemade pork sausages with horseradish and mustard, which, to the children’s diversion, squirted grease as far as a meter away when stuck with a fork—the mother, father, and children prayed the rosary for the dead, with the mother leading.

Tales/Composites/From Nearby

I was standing in line for a ticket, tasting Finnish Christmas cookies. Then just staring into space and the man behind me asked me if they were chocolate. If I liked chocolate.


The day was just beginning its slow collision into night when I stepped outside that morning, the sky still a deep blue, the air fresh and powdery-smelling, suggesting babies. I was feeling newborn myself: new thermos, new tie, new manila folders inside a new leather satchel.

Five Stories

The boy had come to the “greet” room, as it was called, seemingly by himself. He had a gift: a powder-pink stuffed octopus, whose tentacles were not very tentacular at all, but rather short and square—eight pillows that were sewn directly under its plush round head.

How It Is

Bianca Stone is the author of several poetry chapbooks and an ongoing poetry-comic series from Factory Hollow Press. She is the illustrator of Antigonick, a collaboration with Anne Carson and her first full-length collection of poetry Someone Else's Wedding Vows will be out in 2014 from Tin House/Octopus Books. She lives in Brooklyn.

The Adventures of Time Traveling Omelette

Andrea Tsurumi is an illustrator and cartoonist currently pursuing her MFA at the School of Visual Arts. She knows to make a time omelette, you have to break some time eggs. You can check out her latest work at

ink thirsty

Alexander Rothman is a poet and cartoonist who has spent the last five years hybridizing those forms. More of his work can be seen at, including a new chapbook/mini, Watching What You Say. He lives in Astoria with fellow artist Andrea Tsurumi.

Tragic Strip

T. Motley is a comic strip illustrator and "cartooniologist."

The Exam

In Washington Irving’s “Rip Van Winkle,” regarding the comparison of the rolling of the balls in the game of nine-pins to “rumbling peals of thunder,” why is it impossible to state definitively which comes first, the nine-pins or nature?


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