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Shake-Speare Fission

Authorship scholars are doing for the Bard what particle accelerators did for physics. And just as with science, the results and how to interpret them may seem as if they are all over the place.

The Relativity of Small (Or, the Affairs of Men): Two Novellas

Stories of male infidelity have been around since the first recorded narratives, and we continue to find new ways to tell them.

In Conversation

TARUN TEJPAL with Nicolle Elizabeth

Tarun Tejpal is a writer and journalist, titled one of the “most powerful men in India” by Time in 2009. His 26-year-long career in journalism spans from India Today to Outlook, some of the most respected, and serious publications in India.

Meat and Mayhem

Chinese author Mo Yan’s latest novel, POW!, is a fabulist and surreal tale of meat, murder, and mayhem.

In Conversation

MARY JO BANG with Adam Fitzgerald

For a while I had a Freud finger puppet in the first canto. I was simply playing a game that might be called “Find the Modern Equivalent for This Word in Dante’s Inferno.

In Dialogue

JOSHUA BECKMAN and JON BEACHAM with Erika Anderson

By some accounts, Joshua Beckman and Jon Beacham's collaboration began years ago, when the two met at an unnamed a bookstore in Manhattan. 

In Conversation

LUIS JARAMILLO with Marietta Brill

When I spoke with Luis Jaramillo he told me how stunned he’d been when The Doctor’s Wife (Dzanc, 2012) was named an Oprah Book of the Week.


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