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Art, Free Speech, and the 1%

That Lloyd Blankfein continues to walk freely among us is testament to the corruption of democracy in the United States. Maybe Blankfein was in such a great mood while chatting with Zakaria because he was privy to the 2012 economic data for American Chief Executive pay, which showed an average of $100 million per annum for the top ten CEOs. Or maybe his good humor reflected the stock market’s record-setting month.

A Pack of Damn Lies

Everyone on the roof of the HQ stopped talking to watch Dolan and me, two old friends, reunite. The Iraqis and the Americans reacted nearly identically, lending a warm smile to our reunion and watching unabashedly, drawing energy from it and solace and maybe a recollection of meeting their own long last pal, somewhere unexpected, far from home.

The Writin’ Irish

“We don’t say Irish writers are more important than writers from any other place,” says Mac Barrett, one of the producers of CUNY-TV’s 13-part series Irish Writers in America, which debuts November 22 and runs into next year. “Instead,” he says, “we pose the question, ‘What is it about this rock on the edge of Europe that has caused such a preponderance of enduring literary works, by not only those who have been raised there but by those connected through their genes?’”

In Conversation

The Narco Cultura War Next Door: Shaul Schwarz with Williams Cole

Williams Cole sits down with photojournalist and filmmaker Shaul Schwarz to discuss Schwarz's upcoming film, Narco Cultura.


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