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Skeletal Improvisations and Thrilling Crescendos of Madness: Spy Music Fest 2013

The third annual Spy Fest, organized by Brooklyn’s intrepid Northern Spy record label, took place over the weekend of September 6–8. Northern Spy was founded in 2010 by Tom Abbs and Adam Downey, each of whom spent years working at ESP-Disk.

Fractured Visuals: Oneohtrix Point Never's R Plus Seven

Daniel Lopatin has been making music and videos under the name Oneohtrix Point Never since 2007. For his latest release, Lopatin has chosen to release his most challenging and complex record yet.

A Decade of ISSUE Project Room

ISSUE Project Room is currently celebrating its 10-year anniversary with 10 Years Alive on the Infinite Plane, a festival taking place from August 31 through October 26. Lawrence Kumpf—the festival’s curator and ISSUE’s artistic director—and musician C. Spencer Yeh sat down recently with Marshall Yarbrough, the Rail’s assistant music editor. Here is the second part of their conversation.


I knew SoHo was changing when, early one pristine summer evening in the mid-’80s, while I was out selling LPs in front of the Elise Meyer Gallery on West Broadway and Spring, a cute young woman walked by with her cute little designer dog. The dog promptly lifted its leg and relieved itself on my records.


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