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In Dialogue

At Wrest in the Middle of Time with Will Eno

“So, there’s birth and death, but, really, another way to say that is that there’s this one event we probably don’t remember, and this other one we may not really experience. Described like that you sort of wonder why we put so much emphasis on those two points.”

ACCORDIONS IN THE ARCTIC: Cynthia Hopkins Sails Ahead

On a Saturday afternoon in Williamsburg, I find Cynthia Hopkins perched on a piano bench in her studio, shuffling through compositions for a special musical celebration she’ll perform on May 4 at St. Ann’s Warehouse in DUMBO, what will be the theater’s final (non-gala) concert in that space before it moves to nearby Jay Street.

Noor Theatre Blazes New Light: Food and Fadwa at NYTW

How often do you hear of a dream come true from an open call to “be the next Food Network Star!”? It’s like winning the lottery. Or Arab Idol.

In Conversation


Tiny Lights: Memory’s Storehouse/Infinite Miniature, a theater piece composed of two solo works by Lenora Champagne and Lizzie Olesker, explores domestic space and narrative memory. It is both a conversation between two texts and a theatrical collaboration between two experienced performer writers.


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