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from Sonics

Lee Ann Brown is the author of Polyverse, The Sleep That Changed Everything, and the Voluptuary Lion Poems of Spring, and is the publisher of Tender Buttons press, publishing experimental poetry by women. She recently received the Fence Modern Poets series Prize for her book In the Laurels, Caught, the first installment of a multi-book project called NC Ode.


Betsy Fagin is the author of Poverty Rush (Three Sad Tigers, 2011), the science seemed so solid (dusie kollektiv, 2011), Belief Opportunity (Big Game Books Tinyside, 2008), Rosemary Stretch (dusie e/chap, 2006) and For every solution there is a problem (Open 24 Hours, 2003). She lives in Brooklyn, NY and is a librarian at the People's Library of Occupy Wall Street.

from Some Worlds for Dr. Vogt

Matvei Yankelevich is the author of Boris by the Sea (Octopus Books), and the translator of Today I Wrote Nothing: The Selected Writings of Daniil Kharms (Ardis/Overlook). His new collection of poems, Alpha Donut, has just been released by United Artists Books. He is a member of the writing faculty at the Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts at Bard College and one of the the founding editors of Ugly Duckling Presse, a Brooklyn-based nonprofit publishing collective.

from Box Score: An Autobiography

Kevin Varrone is the author of g-point Almanac: id est and g-point Almanac: Passyunk Lost. A larger selection from Box Score: An Autobiography is forthcoming as a chapbook from Little Red Leaves Textile Series (Spring, 2012).


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