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As it turns out, I’m not happy with the view, which looks straight down into the parking lot below, not to mention the smell of the dumpster every time I open the window (I like to sleep with the window open, no matter how cold), so I ask the man at the front desk, Ralph, so the name tag on the front of his shirt informs me, whether there are any other rooms available.

When did I type this

Something is off in here. I can’t get to where I mean to be going. When I try to walk from the kitchen to the library I end up in the den. When I try to go from the master bedroom to the kitchen I end up outside a lot of the time and sometimes I end up in the hall coat closet. There aren’t any coats in there either.

The Third House

The third house was the most difficult to build because I built it in the center of a lake and the walls always sank. There was constant weeping. I made a chimney but maintaining the fire was enormous and impossible. I built gutters for the roof but the rain of lake-water was too much for it. I was always pushing my chair back from the table, water filling up every pore, like being in love.


Leah Hayes is a musician/producer from New York who writes comic books while watching Star Trek next to her blanket-humping cat.

For the Voice, For the Fragile Echo

The news came as a surprise, despite the information we announced about the forthcoming events as they happened. Our heads leaned toward each other in consecutive consultations as we applied the balsam of disdain on the fissures and breaks that destiny covertly imposed on us when we split safety with the sash of radiant repose, which is our captivating mirage now that the event has occurred.

One Year For a Dog Equals Seven Years For a Person

When the phone rings, the dog and the bitch are about to go out to the theatre. The dog picks up the phone: it’s the pig, his friend and business partner. From the panting and squealing he deduces that the pig’s upset and listens while the bitch taps at the face of her watch with her paw to remind him that if they don’t leave immediately they’re going to be late.

Arrow Schmitt!!!

Arryan Decatur has an Aerosmith tattoo on the upper part of his right (your left) love handle that cost 70 dollars.

New England

Matthew Thurber, the author of 1-800-MICE, is currently working on a series called INFOMANIACS, to be found serialized online at

Tragic Strip

T. Motley is a comic strip illustrator and "cartooniologist."


You won’t believe me that there was a woman on the ward named Bliss, but it’s true. All of this is true. Anyway.


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